Rapid Deployable CCTV Towers

Our complete surveillance, recording & remote monitoring solutions.

Robust, towable & easy to deploy

Our mobile CCTV towers provide comprehensive surveillance in virtually any location. Designed for rapid deployment by a single person, each tower is sufficiently rugged to withstand all environmental conditions.

Each tower hosts a high-end recording and wireless connectivity platform for remote viewing and access to recorded video. They support an array of sensors, cameras, on-board analytics and other CCTV accessories, which make them an effective alternative to man-guarding, with a substantially reduced operational cost.

Ideal for temporary or emergency deployment, our towers are perfectly suited for use in remote locations and/or open spaces. They have proven effective in a multitude of settings, including construction sites, car parks, housing estates, large area storage, railway sidings, crime scenes, counter-terrorism operations and at public events and demonstrations.

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    Key Features:

    • Compact, robust design, built for rigidity
    • Removable drawbar
    • Single person deployment in 20 minutes
    • Four independent lockable levelling jacks
    • Folding arm for easy of towing & deployment
    • Lithium batteries—long life, maintenance free
    • Remote monitoring for video and power

    Rapid deployment in minutes.

    Flexible to your requirements, our CCTV towers are easily towable by car and are straightforward to install in virtually any location within minutes. Only minimal technical know-how is required to remove the tow-bar, expand the mast & power up.

    Easy to scale up & integrate.

    Our mobile CCTV towers perform highly on a standalone basis or can be easily integrated into a new or existing video network. The Towers are able to interface with a wide range of video management software (VMS) platforms.

    Power resource management.

    The onboard proprietary power resource manager monitors voltages, currents & fuel (if applicable) and can be used to schedule hours of operation. Email alerts are automatically generated to notify users in the event of failure or low battery/fuel. The PRM can be remotely controlled.


    Pound for pound, our fully featured CCTV towers outperform man-guarding and other traditional security measures, which are implemented at great initial and ongoing expense and cannot undertake simultaneous surveillance tasks.